Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Unusual Customs

Retro Single fin based on an original Stewart Board (from St Ives not California) custom handmade glass-on Flex fin.

Another commitioned Retro single fin, full Volan with patches

Hand made Fin for above.

Custom Bodyboard
The Basking Shark, another commitioned custom, loosely based on the Tyler Riddler, but only 7'10" A Noseriding platform, thats loose off the tail.

Tankers and Longboards



Mid Range Boards, Eggs, Bonzer style and Funboards

Gideon Egg's

Single fin Egg
Custom Full Nosed Gideon Egg

Bonzer Styled Five Fin Eggs


Quad Fish, Keel Fins, Twin Fins and Pigs

Black and White Quad Fish

Flying Pigs. Step deck, Six Channelled Twin + 1/2 Fin

Keel Fin Fish, Performance, Traditional and Retro.